Publish Discovery Alert on PetAlert Haute-Garonne / 31

Have you spotted or recovered a lost animal? We invite you to publish for free on the PetAlert France network. With a few clicks, your Discovery Alert will be available on several internet platforms and many social networks.

The benefits of the PetAlert network

A simple, fast and efficient solution

PetAlert offers a 360 degree service to quickly find the owner of a lost pet. In just a few minutes, you can publish a free Discovery Alert :
  • Broadcast on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) ;
  • Sending the research notice to the Watchers (Volunteer Network) ;
  • Transmission of information to partners (veterinarians, public services and professionals in the animal field) ;
  • Possibility to print flyers and posters.

All content is validated by our services. PetAlert does not transmit your personal data and offers a linking system that guarantees your anonymity.

Creating a Discovery Alert is a procedure 100% FREE


Your advantages Description of the functionality included in the publication of a Discovery Alert

  • Internet publishing
  • Publication on Facebook
  • Publication on Twitter
  • Publicatie op Instagram
  • Published on Pinterest
  • Poster printing
  • Online support